Information notice of IUNGO JOBS s.r.o. about processing and protection of personal data 

  • About the controller

IUNGO JOBS s.r.o., IČO 084 00 768, se sídlem Varšavská 714/38, 120 00 Praha 2, zapsaná v obchodním rejstříku vedeném Městským soudem v Praze pod sp. zn. C 318410 (dále jen „IUNGO JOBS“) je společností, která poskytuje poradenské služby v oblasti zprostředkování zaměstnání, konkrétně v podobě vyhledávání vhodných pracovníků na manažerské, ale i jiné pracovní pozice dle potřeb klientů, a to mimo jiné metodou přímého oslovení, tzv. „headhuntingu“.

In order to provide its services, IUNGO JOBS processes personal data of job seekers and contacted candidates, and to a limited extent also personal data of other natural persons in the role of a data controller pursuant to the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) No. 2016/79 (further only theGDPR”). As IUNGO JOBS values protection of privacy and personal data, the company wishes to inform the data subjects affected how their personal data is handled during the company’s activities.

  • Contact details

If you have any questions, proposals or requests regarding personal data processed by IUNGO JOBS, you can contact the company via e-mail on or by phone on 00 420 607 091 806.   

  • Processed personal data, purpose and legal basis for processing
  • Job seekers and contacted candidates

IUNGO JOBS processes especially personal data of those natural persons the company contacts or those who contact the company while seeking potential employment in vacancies in IUNGO JOBS clients (further only as the "candidates""). The processed personal data includes in particular:

  • Name, surname and contact details;
  • Achieved education and professional experience, language skills and other skills;
  • Details of current employment or other gainful activity;
  • Any other details listed in or arising from a professional CV, including a photograph or other images or details of gender or citizenship;
  • Details of wages arranged between the client and the candidate;
  • Other details provided voluntarily or obtained while providing the services.

IUNGO JOBS processes primarily personal data provided by the candidates or their contact details available in social and professional networks, and to a limited extent their personal data provided by IUNGO JOBS clients.

Personal data of candidates are processed for the purposes of providing services of IUNGO JOBS in order to conduct employment interviews, assess suitability of individual candidates for relevant vacancies and maintain internal database of candidates at IUNGO JOBS.

IUNGO JOBS processes personal data of candidates on the basis of the company’s own justified interests or the justified interests of its clients and as an essential step arising from requests of job seekers to arrange employment for candidates or conclusion of an employment agreement between a client and a candidate.

  • Clients and contractors

Clients of IUNGO JOBS are legal persons and as such are not subject to the protection of personal data. However, personal data of natural persons representing or acting on behalf of the clients may be processed to a limited extent and this processing may include contact details or details of professional roles of these persons. This processing occurs in order to perform under contracts concluded with clients and on the basis of justified interests of IUNGO JOBS (i.e. the interest in due performance of the company’s business activities).  

If a natural person were to become a client of IUNGO JOBS, personal data of such natural person in particular to the extent of identification and contact details, banking details and services provided and their price would be processed in order to perform under a contract on providing services and on the basis of this contract.

The information provided above also applies to contractors of IUNGO JOBS and representatives of these contractors.

  • Website visitors

Visitors to the IUNGO JOBS website do not need to enter or provide any personal data in order to view the pages. While IUNGO JOBS servers automatically gather certain information about activities on these web pages including IP addresses, type of the used browser and subpages visited, IUNGO JOBS is unable to link this data to a specific person.

If a visitor to the website chooses to use the contact form, the website saves the entered name, e-mail address and other details provided by the relevant visitor in the message sent. IUNGO JOBS only uses this personal data for the purposes for which it was provided by the visitor. If providing a professional CV is the subject of a message sent via the contact form, see paragraph A for more information.

  • Other

IUNGO JOBS also processes personal data of its employees and potential job seekers. However, processing of personal data of these persons is not the subject of this information notice.

  • Security

IUNGO JOBS maintains adequate administrative, technical and physical safeguards to protect the processed personal data from accidental or illegal destruction, accidental loss, unauthorised modification, unauthorised disclosure or access, abuse or any other illegal form of processing personal data.

Personal data is saved in an electronic format in a controlled and protected environment secured by modern hardware and software systems for data protection and/or in exceptional cases in a hard copy with the maximum possible protection against access of unauthorised persons.

  • Duration of keeping personal data

IUNGO JOBS uses and keeps personal data for the period necessary for fulfilling the purposes specified in this information notice. Unless an obligation to keep personal data for a longer period arises from legal regulations, (i) personal data of candidates is kept for up to 2 years from being provided or updated; and (ii) the period of processing personal data of clients, contractors and their representatives is determined by the period of validity and effectiveness of the relevant concluded contracts. IUNGO JOBS reserves the right to keep personal data for a period of time exceeding the extent specified above if this is necessary for the performance or settlement of mutual claims with candidates, clients or contractors or in the case of contact details only.

  • Recipients

Personal data of data subjects gathered by IUNGO JOBS is not provided to third parties, with the exception of the cases described in this information notice or those cases where IUNGO JOBS expressly informs the relevant data subjects about this disclosure.

IUNGO JOBS hands over personal data of candidates assessed as suitable for the clients’ specified vacancies to its clients in order to provide its services in a due manner. The company also shares personal data of its clients and suppliers who are natural persons and to a limited extent also identification details of candidates and representatives of clients and contractors with an external accounting firm in order to ensure the company’s operations. Administrators of IT systems or providers of similar IT services may also gain accidental access to personal data in exceptional cases. In this context, IUNGO JOBS declares that the company selects its contractors and other contract partners carefully and provides personal data exclusively to reliable partners and to the necessary extent.

IUNGO JOBS does not make, nor does it intend to make personal data available to international organisations or recipients in third countries, i.e. in countries outside the European Union.

  • Rights of data subjects

Data subjects enjoy the following rights concerning their personal data:

  • The right to access their personal data and the right to obtain any information about processing of their personal data not arising from this information notice;
  • The right to have their inaccurate personal data corrected and to have their incomplete personal data completed;
  • The right to have their personal data erased in specified cases;
  • The right to limit processing of their personal data in specified cases;
  • The right to transfer their personal data provided to IUNGO JOBS and automatically processed by the company, i.e. the right to obtain this personal data or have this personal data transferred to another controller in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format;
  • The right to object to processing due to justified interests;
  • The right to withdraw consent with personal data processing at any time, if the personal data is processed based on a consent; 
  • The right to file a complaint with a supervisory authority, which is the Office for Personal Data Protection (Úřad pro ochranu osobních údajů ČR) in the Czech Republic.
  • Updates to the information notice

This information notice may be updated at any time based on changes in the procedures applied by IUNGO JOBS in processing and protection of personal data. Data subjects will be informed about these changes by a notice published on the website.